Matthew Logan
Occupation: JRI Shocks- Dirt LM/Mod Specialist
Hometown: Clarendon, PA
Current Residence: Concord, NC
Birth date: 1/15/1985
Marital Status: Engaged-Leanne Orr
Hobbies: Late Model Racing, Online Racing.
Favorite Track: Bulls Gap (Volunteer Speedway)


Brian Lambert
Hometown: Randolph, OH – Current Residence: Monroe, NC
Birth date: 2/11/1984
Marital Status: Married- Laura Queram Lambert
Hobbies: Dirt track racing, golf, and playing drums
Favorite Track: Eldora Speedway, Knoxville, and Road America


Taylor Coffey
Occupation: Student at JM Robinson High School
Hometown: Concord, NC
Current Residence: Concord, NC
Birth date: 5/31/1997
Marital Status: Single
Hobbies: football, robotics competitions, hunting, and fishing
Favorite Track: Carolina Speedway